S.I.N. society´s main objective is to create a social arena for people interested in Fashion, Music, Art, Culture and Lifestyle.

It was founded in 2014 by a group of friends from various organisations. Since all the founders have Filipino blood, it was naturally induced to promote things that we hold close to our hearts… the Filipinos and The Philippines.

The S.I.N. society intend to do it´s outmost to produce events and gatherings to give rise to our talents, beauties and craftsmanship. As well as to show the culture and lifestyles we have established outside The Philippines.

We encourage you all to join us…. to be a prodigy of our heritage…. to be “S.I.N.er”


Girlie "geelicious GEE" Stubergh
Girlie “GEELICIOUS” Stubergh